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We are all eagerly (perhaps impatiently) waiting for spring, natures rebirth, and this is especially true after a year of Covid.  While in many parts of the country it is still cool with snow blanketing the ground, there are still ways to deeply connect with nature. 

One of them is our awesome natural energy and power source the Sun.

Animals, humans and plants would not exist without it.  Earth would freeze and there would be no wind, ocean currents or clouds to tranport water.  The Sun is about 5 billion years old – incredible.

Try going out even if its cold and lean into the sun with your face. Even on cloudy days, the sun is high above radiating its benefits.  Just 5 to 15 minutes can really help you feel better.  According to SCL Health, when the sun hits your skin, your brain releases a hormone called serotonin which is associated with boosting your mood, helping you feel calm and focused. The Sun gives you Vitamin D, an important chemical protecting against documented health risks and depression (Harvard Medical School).

We all get sad.  Life can be so challenging and our life lessons painful at times. 

Ask Mother nature to help you by facing our natural awesome energy source the Sun.  In spite of our heavy human footprint, nature keeps giving of her resources to rejuvenate and heal.  See how the sun can help elevate your mood and open your heart.

Let’s give thanks with intention for this awe inspiring gift of warmth.

Christal Bjork

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