Established February 2020

In Memory of
Chase Bjork

We promote mental health awareness and education in honor of Chase and serve through his mission to "be an open heart" to all.

Chase's Story

Chase Christian Bjork was a beautiful soul afflicted with mental illness. His illness lay dormant – unidentified and undiagnosed – for too long. In January 2020, Chase shocked everyone when he took his own life.

Chase’s family, like so many in Massachusetts and across the country, has been immeasurably impacted by his mental health and resulting suicide. Chase was a bright, happy and outgoing kid, but at age 16 became noticeably anxious. As his symptoms progressed, he and his family sought help, but could not find the right diagnosis or help early enough to save his life.

Chase and his family experienced first-hand many breaks in the healthcare (specifically behavioral healthcare) system in the United States. One of the most tragic breaks is that Chase’s condition went undiagnosed for more than a year. Identifying mental illness in our own children is something every parent wants to be equipped to do, and yet none of us are educated on how to actually do it. Parents aren’t even acquainted with the basics of mental illness, and neither are our children.

The Chase Bjork Foundation was created to address this precise issue. We promote awareness and education about adolescent mental illness pre-crisis to adolescents, their parents, peers, coaches and educators.

Chase's Core Values

We created the Chase Bjork Foundation in Chase's spirit and image, with his defining characteristics as our values.

Be an Open Heart

Help Others

Give Back

Seek, Love, and Lift
Those in Need

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If you are in crisis, there is help

Call the toll-free, 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Hotline at
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Meet Chase

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