Yale Physician, Professor, & Innovator Joins CBF to Develop Brain Health Bootcamp

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The Chase Bjork Foundation is very excited to welcome Lynn E. Fiellin, MD as Scientific Advisor and a leading member of the Brain Health Bootcamp development team!

Dr. Fiellin: Doctor, Researcher, Professor, Founder, Director, and Mother of Three

Dr. Fiellin is a Professor of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Child Study Center as well as the Yale School of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences). Dr. Fiellin is recognized for excellence and leadership in clinical research and as a leader and innovator at the Yale School of Medicine as founder/director of the play2PREVENT (p2P) Lab, which focuses on developing and testing novel video game interventions to promote health and reduce risk in adolescents. In addition, she is Chief of the Fitkin Firm at Yale-New Haven Hospital and an instructor in the Investigative Medicine Program.

A Focus on Improving the Wellbeing of Youths & Young Adults

Dr. Fiellin has unique experience creating scalable digital offerings that address critical public health issues in youth and young adults. Through play2PREVENT, she and her team develop interactive evidence-based games to address medical issues including HIV, smoking and vaping, and opioid misuse in adolescents. Her initiatives have received funding from the National Institutes of Health; the CVS Health Foundation; the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the NIH/FDA, and the BEST Foundation/Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Dr. Fiellin's work has been featured in The Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, VICE, and more. She has won a number of prestigious international awards, including Winner of Falling Walls World Science Summit, International Serious Play Conference, and Serious Play's 2020 Awards.

In 2019, when asked about her focus on adolescent health, Dr. Fiellin responded with:

“Throughout my clinical experience, I heard the stories of patients and how their medical issues started so early in life. I thought, ‘If we can just plant some seeds early and help kids think ahead and understand what could happen because of the choices they make, perhaps they can avoid some of these illnesses.’"
Welcome to the Team

The Chase Bjork Foundation is looking forward to working with Dr. Fiellin and integrate her extensive expertise in behavioral health and brain health, her passion for promoting the wellbeing of adolescents, as well as her experience with creating effective educational programs for adolescents. We are thrilled to welcome her to the team!

Dr. Fiellin with one of her interactive play2PREVENT games

To stay updated on the development of the Brain Health Bootcamp, check out brainhealthbootcamp.org and subscribe to our newsletter.

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