Brain Health Bootcamp's Evolution

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About a year ago, the Chase Bjork Foundation began incubating the Brain Health Bootcamp, an initiative to make mental health education for adolescents, families, and schools. Since then, the Brain Health Bootcamp has grown tremendously.

So far, the Brain Health Bootcamp has...

  • Produced and vetted a 30-minute Intro to Brain Health course
  • Partnered with school districts across the country
  • Facilitated over 700 pilot learning sessions
  • Assembled an expert review panel of clinicians, educators, designers, and students
  • Recruited several key people from top American universities and industry
  • Drafted and vetted a complete Brain Health curriculum for high school students
  • and more...

This is just the beginning – we are now setting out to...

  • Create the most comprehensive and effective brain health education for schools
  • Scale-up school district partnerships
  • Continue building an all-star team – join us, we’re hiring
  • Nearly double our operating budget

In order to unlock the full potential of the Brain Health Bootcamp, we are setting it up as its own nonprofit. This will enable us to create an organization specifically focused on building, validating, selling, supporting, and scaling mental health education in schools. We are so excited about the future of both the Chase Bjork Foundation and the Brain Health Bootcamp.

Going forward...

  • The Chase Bjork Foundation will focus on promoting Chase’s legacy and continue catalyzing important initiatives in his memory. It will be stewarded primarily by the Bjork family in Chase’s memory and will continue supporting the Brain Health Bootcamp
  • The Brain Health Bootcamp will focus on providing mental health education to schools. It will assemble a diverse, independent board and operate transparently with accountability in service of its mission
  • This transition will formally happen on July 1st – in the meantime, the Brain Health Bootcamp will continue operating as an initiative of the Chase Bjork Foundation
  • All donations given to the Chase Bjork Foundation in support of the Brain Health Bootcamp will be transferred to the Brain Health Bootcamp nonprofit

There has never been a more important time for schools to adopt mental health education. We are so excited for the next chapter and hope that you are too 💚

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